26-28 March 2019
Beijing International Convention Center
Beijing, China


Session ePoster will feature a variety of technical presentations covering a range of related technical disciplines. An ePoster is an electronic version of the traditional poster, presented on a large digital flat screen. The electronic format offers the added benefit of animation and video to enhance the visual expercience and provide greater interactivity between attendees and authors.

During the ePoster session, presenters will deliver their presentations in an informal setting and facilitate direct discussions with attendees at designated ePoster stations. Attendees are encouraged to attend the sessions for more knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. ePosters are alo available for attendees' viewing at ePoster stations throughout the conference.


ePoster Presentation Schedule

Venue: Lobby, Level 3

  • Tuesday, 26 March
    • 1530-1600 hours - Session ePoster 1
  • Wednesday, 27 March
    • ​​1030-1100 hours  - Session ePoster 2
    • 1330-1400 hours - Session ePoster 3
    • 1530-1600 hours - Session ePoster 4
  • Thursday, 28 March
    • 1030-1100 hours - Session ePoster 5
    • 1330-1400 hours - Session ePoster 6

For more information, including a list of the ePoster presentations, download the Session Schedule (pdf).


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